Rule #1 -You must be at least 18 years old.

Rule #2 -If I choose to take on your case, it will take 1 month or more (depending on the client) for

me to complete the service or spell that you have purchased, and 7 days for you to start seeing results. Now, this is different for everyone depending on the severity of the issue.

Rule #3 -You have to contact me everyday via Phone.

Rule #4 - All work and work and services purchased must stay private and confidential. If you

choose to only purchase a Reading, please be aware that all predictions, visions or anything

discussed between you and a member of the Team is completely confidential as well.

Rule #5 - I do not take Western Union or Money Grams or anything similar to that type of service.

Rule #6 -You must stay in compliance with the spell program until your services are complete, if

even one rule is broken the owner Isabella Phillips can exercise the right to cease

all services and or spell work with you aka (the Client). 

Rule #7- I will not communicate with you through email for the simple reason that I can't pick up

on anyone’s energy and vibrations without hearing your voice and it is very important for the

energy and vibrations to stay strong throughout the time we work together.

Rule 8. You cannot and may not talk or work with any other psychic or spell caster that is not associated with Isabella aka Samantha Phillips.

(Read through the steps Below, which are considered apart of the rules and must be followed)

Step 1:
Please contact me by Phone to explain what you are going through and tell me the truth about

what is going on. I need details about you and all other people involved, like: full names & D.O.B.

From here, I will have to evaluate the situation by contacting your spiritual guides, which will take

me one hour to do, and I will let you know how (or if) I can help you.

Step 2
If your case is accepted, it is mandatory that you stay in contact with me once a day over the

phone and once a week in person if possible. I will give you daily updates on what I found out

while working with your spirit guides, and tell you how the case is going.

Step 3
Once the spells start taking effect, it is very important that when you start seeing progress or communication lines open between you and the person that you’re inquiring about, you must

share the details with me each time so that I can guide you through each situation. If your case

is regarding love I will tell you what this person is thinking, feeling, fearful of, and what he/she

desires, hopes for, and dreams of so that you can talk to this person correctly without any

arguments and work out your problems with him/her. If your case is regarding other aspects

of life I will be able to keep you on path towards happiness and success of your spiritual work.

Step 4
We must trust each other. I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, so I expect the

same from you through out the entire length of our work.

If you do not trust me and have faith in me, then I will not be able to help you in any way...

Step 5
 If I decide to take a case and you already had prior spell casters,   

Psychics or any type of spiritual healer working for you,

you will need to end communication with them.

All communication between prior witches, spell casters or Psychics need to stop once you begin working with me.  I can help block other spell caster's and

Psychics work so that we can proceed with our work together.

It is crucial that no other influences or potential negative energy should infiltrate or

disrupt our work or I won’t be able to help you.

Step 6
All spell-casting, readings, spiritual services and meetings between us will have to remain private

and confidential. 

That being said, nothing that we discuss or do together should be spoken about with other people including: friends, family, boyfriends, or girlfriends etc. It needs to remain private and

confidential at all times so that no outside negativity can interfere with our work. 

Remember, I work with energy so it is a very important for you to keep the energy, healings,

and spells only between us. Other peoples negative or positive opinions may affect our energies.

and could cause delays and disturbances to our work. Please keep our work together between us during the process.

If you can agree to the above, you should call me, not email, so we can begin to change your

current situation and start to improve your future!

If you can agree to all of these steps, then you should have a very successful outcome!

I may be tough but I definitely get the job done….

Please also read through our terms of service ( click the button below) to fully understand our

legal rights as well. 

Love & happiness is not something to be taken for granted.  It isn’t something you find everyday.

It’s not to be taken lightly.
 It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are or where you live, I can help you restore love, happiness and fix anything that has been broken.
Life is only as hard as you make it for your self, don't waste time making it any harder!
Love doesn't have to end.  Fight for what you want… never give up on your relationship!

Never give up on happiness! Never give up on Life!!!
bella aka Samantha

The Rules

​On this page you will find all the rules that you must read and understand when hiring the help of anyone from this site.

Please read through each rule thoroughly and make sure that you completely understand the rules and also feel as if you are able to comply

with them 100%. You must be able to understand the rules in order for us to help you, if you do not or fail to follow even one single rule, we reserve the right to refuse to help you or cease all work that is being done... In other words, follow the rules or no help will be given.

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