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​ Gene V. Sydney, Australia says...

Hi Isabella ,

I am beyond words! You have change my life completely from bad to great. I owe you one!

 Charlie S. From Chicago, IL says...

 Truly thankful! My life is on the right track for once lol! Keep in touch!

 Marc L. From Long Beach Says...

Hello there! I want to tell you the the   date is set for the wedding!

Omg I truly thank you! 

​ ​Michelle H. Roswell, NM

You are the best. Thank you Isabella

 Karen H. From Denver, CO says...

Thank you so much for all your help! You have change my life.

​​ Dan from Cleveland, OH says...

Hey, my name is Dan. 
I called Isabella about a month ago and purchased a money spell &

love spell. 
I have been very amazed with the results I've seen so far, so I have to

say that I recommend her to everyone. 
When she says she is going to make something happen she does it! 
She has the power to back her up! 
This review is the least I could do for her.. 
Thanks Isabella 

 Brad from Los Angeles, CA Says...

"Isabella was the first Psychic I ever seen and the only one I’ll ever go to from now on.

I was always very afraid to get a reading because

I was brought up believing that Psychics were evil.

But one day I was driving, I wasn’t having a good day.

I googled Psychics and found

Psychic Help & Love Spell Caster & I decided

to call and ask the prices and see what it was all about.

I made an appointment and when

I went there, she answered the door I was shocked,

first because she was so young looking and second because

she was so inviting.

She let me in, she asked me to take a seat and relax, she then went on to say that there was nothing to be afraid of and

that she is a big believer in God and Jesus Christ.

She also explained that What she did wasn’t evil. It was as

if she was reading my mind, and easing my fears one by one. 
She told me about the reading and the prices.

I decided to go with the $55 Psychic Reading. 
I am not going to go into detail about what she told me

but all I have to say is that this woman is amazingly fantastic!

She opened my eyes to a lot of things and since my reading

I have become a lot more intune with my intuition

and guardian Angels. 
If you are having doubts about seeing a Psychic or getting a reading, DONT. 
GO SEE ISABELLA! She really did bring peace to my life.

I plan to go back to see her in a month or so to follow up with another reading. 
Thanks so much! "

Our Reviews

   Erica from Valencia, Ca say...

  My friend Cassey recommended Psychic Help & Love Spell Caster
  to me and told me to see her no matter what because she was very gifted.

I Called up to Isabella to schedule a reading about 3 months ago and I am so happy I did!  

I was disappointed to find put that she was completely booked for an in person visit,

but she told me that she was available for over the phone reading. 

I told her that I would have rather gotten the reading in person but she then responded saying that their was no difference between the over the phone and in person readings.

After considering it for a minute I scheduled the phone reading to get the cards read for me. 
When it came to the time of my scheduled reading,

I called her up and she immediately made me feel as if I was there with her,

Explaining the ins and outs about the card reading and letting me know that If

I wasn’t happy with the reading that I would not have to pay… 
She then continued by telling be to make sure I was in a calm environment

where I could relax and focus on what I wanted to know about.

She asked only for my full name and birthdate and THAT WAS IT! 
I found that as such a relief because,

Ive done my research and read that so many fake psychic that ask questions

trying to fish for info. Isabella certainly did not! 
She started out my telling my what she seen for my career,

explain in full detail what was “in the cards for me” she also warned me

about something that was wrong with my house that could cause potential

Financial set back for me if not felt with soon. 
Funny enough,

That very next day I noticed that my electricity in my bathroom was kinda acting weird so I took Isabella's advise and Called a electrician right away.

This chick saved me so from a almost complete power blowout of my entire house! 
The next thing she stared to talk about was my love life,

which was what I contacted her about and was the only thing

I really was need guidance guidance about..

(although I greatly appreciated all her other advice to)

She told me about things that nobody else knew, thoughts that I've had that

I've never spoken out loud, she even explained to me certain conversations my boyfriend and I have had in the past.. 
She told me what I needed to change in order to get what I wanted in the relationship.

She said that as of now I was allowing too much negativity from my own fear to cause

problems and delaying my own happiness. which was true.
I allowed my boyfriend to walk all over me because I was afraid that if

I didn’t put up with it then he wouldn’t want me anymore.

I was so afraid that I even let him off the hook when I caught him cheating

and I somehow found a way to blame my self. 
Talking to this woman was the best thing Ive ever decided to do,

That first reading opened my eyes and she told me that I had so much happiness that I was blocking out of my own life, Then she explained that she did see a commitment

coming up very soon that would lead to a long engagement. I am not going to lie,

I was a little sad when I heard long engagement but

she then continued by saying that the reason for the long engagement was because she

seen a pregnancy for me.. I was in shock.. She told me my firstborn would be a girl and it

would follow by two other children which would be boys, possibly twins! 
I was SO SHOCKED.. I couldn’t believe she was saying that all of this could happen.

She also told me to stop thinking a feeling like my boyfriend didn’t love me or

like me because that wasn’t true. She said that reason I felt this way was because for

a long time I didn’t love myself. 
At this point in the reading I was like almost scared, Ive always believed in

the whole supernatural thing, but at the same time I was a little skeptical about psychics… definitely not anymore. 
After that Conversation, I just couldn’t get enough of her, Just the way

she spoke so honestly, the way she just knew what my problems were and was completely confident that they all could be solved. I asked her before we were done

if she did any type of long term Reading advisory or something. She told me

that their were a lot of services that she offered but she advised me to first

take a look at the website so I could get a Better idea of what it was all about and then call her back when I was completely sure, Again another shock.

This lady had me in the palm of her hand and I would have and sill would do
what ever she’d say to do. But she didn’t take advantage of that,

she advised me to think, use my gut instinct & Intuition and then make the choice of whether I wanted further help or not. 
So, Long story short, I wanted this ladies help more than anything. 
Here we are 3 months later, I am in a healthy loving relationship with the man of my dreams,

[ He didn’t run!!! yay!!! ]We are engaged and the wedding date was actually set to be about 6-7 months from now but we’ve decided to wait because, Yes, I AM PREGO!!!!

and I really didn’t want to have to sit down ten times at our wedding

because of swollen pregnant feet etc. lol. So, Yes Isabella is a truly truly unbelievably

gifted woman and I thank god everyday for bringing her in my life! 

Thanks bella, I love you so much. 
You are my Angel from heaven

  Anonymous from Denver, Colorado says...

"I hired Isabella to cast a love spell for me.

 One word to explain the experience, outstanding!
I will be forever grateful to her for her help.

She really did change my life and I don’t know how I’ll ever repay her! 
Love and Light to you Bella!"

 Linda from Phoenix, AZ says...

 Hi, my name is Linda. 
 I called Isabella at Psychic Help & Love Spell Caster to have her cast a love spell on          

my boyfriend of three years. When I called she told me that she could help me but a love spell was not what I needed.

I have called many spell casters before and all of which told me that they would do it for me and

that a love spell would work for my situation and the fact that she said no to

a love

spell was interesting to me especially because that's the highest priced spell out there...
Now she told me I needed a commitment spell. She said that is wasn't that he did not

love or care for me but he was just too scared to commit. 
So I tried it out and I have to say she knows what she is talking about. It's just so

amazing how she changed my relationship with my boyfriend and now my fiancé. 
We are getting married at the end of the year and I commit thank Isabella  enough. 
Thank you isn't good enough to describe how much I appreciate what she has done for me. 

 Gabriela, Bakersfield. CA says...

Before going to Bell I was a big mess.

I was conflicted with many problems and challenges which at the time I had no clue how

to fix. I was at my lowest point in life, but I wanted that to change.

I went to Bell in seek for help which

I will never regret. Bell, has been a blessing in my life. The advice she gives is always

right thus, she gives amazing guidance. Bell, is an amazing psychic and person she has

helped me through all my problems and issues.

Because of Bell my life has changed for the better. She is beautiful inside and out,

she takes all her cases seriously and is by far the most accurate,

straight to the point, extremely honest, kind hearted, and caring psychic in Bakersfield.

I will always put my trust in

Bell when I have a problem she is by far the best psychic I have ever been to. 

  Rachel in Burbank, CA says...

Isabella has a true gift and ability to help guide people on

the right path. She has literally been spot on with all my readings! She was spot on with my career and my pregnancy!

I highly recommend her!!

 Sarah R. from Ventura, Ca says...

 Isabella was just amazing!! I can’t believe how much power this woman has!
I hired her to cast a commitment spell and a marriage spell for me..

She told me how long it would take,

explained the process and also stayed in contact with me through out the entire time I worked with her..
Her honesty is what made me so comfortable with her, she was very

blunt at times and that is what I needed.
With in just a few short weeks I was able to see the results of her hard work. I knew that it was her spells that made the truly “impossible”, possible..
Thanks Isabella, you changed my entire life. God bless you.

You deserve all the happiness in the world.

  Fred from Washington DC. says...

"So Gifted, helped me

so much!

Thanks bells."

Daniel, Baton Rouge, LA

I first called Isabella at Psychic Help & Love Spell Caster
after I was looking around for someone that did white magic witch craft. 
I fount her site and called her right away. 
She was sweet kind and straight to the point. She made it very clear that she didn't want to

waist her time or mine and she also made sure that I was serious about hiring her before she even took on my case.
After doing the evaluation She decided to help me but she did tell me that my situation was

very difficult and that it was going to take a little bit longer to complete my spells but that it

could be done..
I have never done this I was a little scared but she assured me that she would explain

everything She was doing and how it wasn't a scary thing at all.. I am very happy that

I decided to go through with everything because it really did change my life.
So she juts recently finished my case and I am very please with my results.. 
Don't even second guess about calling Isabella, she is just the best person I know! 
Thank you so much Isabella, for all you have changed in my life. I couldnt have asked for any more from you! 
I wish i could give you more than just a review but if you need anything else let me know asap! 

 Nicole From Los Angeles, CA says...

Excellent, honest & accurate psychic. I decided to go to a psychic and I went searching on google for a

place to try out in my area. I came across 

Psychic Help & Love Spell Caster I thought it would be worth a shot because of all the good reviews.

I am a very skeptical type of person. I doubt everything and I've never been

to a psychic or clairvoyant of any sort. So the reason for my wanting to go now was completely out of the blue and only because I was in need of some answers and

guidance. Usually I would just get a friends advise but I figured this was a good shot to

try this psychic thing out. 

So when I contacted her, (btw her name is Isabella) she had a sweet and inviting voice.

She gave me the price list and explained each of her readings and services in detail. 
I had told her that this was my first time getting a reading and she said "don't worry, the stereo type so definitely not me!" she explained that she gave up front and honest

answers and promised that once I'd come in I would feel right at home. 
Well I took a chance and went. I cannot say that I wasn't amazed and in shock.

She was extremely accurate and let's just say she hit the head on the nail... 
I ask about a few basic things.. My love life, career, family etc. I didn't get basic info..

I just listened as she told me about things that no body could or did know.

She went into detail about every subject she covered. 
She made a lot of new predictions and I have been keeping track of the ones that come true. It's truly a

bit freaky on how much she knows. 
Several of her visions have already come true and it's only been a few short weeks

since my visit with her 
It is the #1 place to go if your looking for a reading. 
After that day I wasn't a skeptic about psychics anymore and I can say I will very much

be back to see her soon. 
I'd like to that Isabella again by writing this review and tell her how much I enjoyed

and appreciated her reading and advise. 
Thanks bells. Your One in a million. 

​ ​Emily J. From Shoreline, WA says...

 I have been to many spells casters and none of which have giving

result like you! Truly amazing!

 Greg W. From Seattle, WA says...

 I just want to say that you are a miracle               worker, we are completely in love and   everything is so great! 

​ Phil D. From Laguna Beach, CA Says...

Hi, how Are you? I just wanted to tell you

how much I appreciate all that you

have done to bring her back!

The relationship is.. Wonderful! Thanks.​

"See what Everyone is saying About Psychic Help & Love Spells"

 Lorain From London, England UK says...

Had an amazing reading with Isabella, very insightful and a felt like we had a great connection. Not like all psychics and is wise beyond her years! 

  Bill F. Bethel Park, Pittsburgh says...

  Wow! Fantastic job and Decent price 

 Stephanie P. From Bloomington, IN says...

 I'm pregnant! All thanks to you! I am so   happy I never thought I would get

everything I wanted until I met you!