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Question 1. 
Do psychics or spell casters believe in God? 


Yes! Well, I do. Most of the Psychics & Spell Casters

I know do believe in God or "The Creator". 

Question 2. 
 Is all witchcraft considered devil worshiping and if

you practice witchcraft does that mean you are sinning? 


No, Not all Witchcraft Practitioners worship evil or the Devil. I do not 

Consider my gift a sin because I am a child of God and He Created me so in turn He gave me 

My Gifts and Abilities, How can It be wrong for me to use my god given gifts?

Question 3. 
Can you really see into the future? 



Question 4. 
Can you talk directly to God?


No, I Communicate with spirits and Guardian angels. 

Question 5. 
Can witches really fly on a broom?


No, Thats only in movies... Lol

Question 6. 
Is all witchcraft a religion? And since you practice it does that mean you are apart of the Wiccan or Pegan religions. 


No, not all witchcraft practitioners are a part of religion in general. There are a lot of misconceptions about witchcraft involving the need to be a part of the Wiccan or Pagan beliefs/religions

Question 7. 
Can you make somebody fall in love with a love spell even if there isn't a soulmate connection? 


Yes I can but I do not do that. I only help those who have relationship issues. I refuse to go against free will.

Question 8. 
Are you Christian?



Question 9. 
What's the difference between a psychic and a medium?


A psychic is someone who can see into the future by picking up on energy and vibrations.

A Medium is someone who sold the contacts spirits and relatives that have passed away for a client.

Mediums also perform séances to contact the dead

Question 10. 
Do you communicate with the dead? 


Yes, I can communicate with the dead,

but I only communicate with the spirits that are still in the in between realm.

The lost spirits that have not passed on yet to heaven.

Question 11.
How many days of the week do you spend on my case when hired for

the spell program and for how long each day do you work? 


That all depends on which spell package you purchase.

Question 12. 
Will I every be able to be present during the spell casting process 


No, and the reason being is because most people have too much self-doubt.

They doubt their own capability of having happiness or even having what they want.

So when casting a spell you must have complete positive energy and know

without a doubt that what you were doing is going to come true.

Question 13. 
While you are casting the spells or in a meditation regarding my case, Will I feel anything physically or

emotionally and If so will it be at the time that your working on my case or no?


Yes, you will feel different emotionally, more positive.

Some clients to have a physical reaction to the work that I do.

Some people feel lightheaded or dizzy others tend to feel butterfly facts.

Some don't feel anything at all so it really all depends.

Most of the time my clients feel this while I'm working but there are clients feel things even when I'm not.

Question 14. 
Do other witches or spell casters/psychics from your coven help you work on my case or are you the only one?


Other members of my coven only work on my cases when their help is needed.

Question 15. 
Whats the difference between a meditation session that you do for my case and a Psychic reading?


A meditation session is where I'm able to go into a trance like state to

communicate with the clients spirit guides and/or Guardian angels.

Psychic reading is done when a client and I are in the same room together and I am picking up on

their energy to see what is going on around them and reading their future.

Question 16. 
Is there a difference between the meditation sessions that are preformed for my case

and the spell casting that you do or is it all the same?


Yes meditations are for communicating with spirit guides. Spellcasting is done separately.

Question 17. 
Can you do a Psychic Reading on yourself?


No I cannot, most real psychics cannot read their own energy. My belief is that it keeps the

balance so that we psychics, can truly help others without any selfish gain. 

Question 18. 
Do other people in your family have your gifts and/or your abilities?



Question 19. 
Have you every failed on a case?



Question 20. 
What was the Longest you’ve ever worked with one Client?


8 years. 

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