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Some People assume that being completely Emotionally & Spiritually unattached will keep them safe from harm, heartache and problems?

WRONG!! You need to be more aware of your emotions and spiritual vibes Because when we don't trust our instincts and intuition we ignore the true inner voice speaking to us... We have intuition to be able to know what the energies of the universe is telling us. So we could be able to know How to obtain the best  life, Love, achieve our goals and dreams, our most inner desires.

So when you get to a place where you feel lost, hopeless and all alone in this world it just means that you need guidance, you need to heal and let go of your past and all that is holding you back from being happy, successful and motivated to live life.

This is exactly what I am gifted and trained to do. This is something I have done for so many people and I hope to do for you as well...

With my help I am able to give you the clarity you are seeking, the answers you are wanting and the Help you are in need of! I have a power that I use for the greater good of humanity and to be able to have this gift is truly a blessing...

I work with witch craft. I have also practiced the reiki teachings of the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui and have become a reiki master/therapist.. This is something that I feel is very rewarding to me. Now, not only do I have the chance to help and heal the hearts, minds & body's of others but I also get the chance to teach people how to harness the positive energies around them waiting to enter their lives!

There is no set time limit in which I am willing to work with you, I will work for as long as I must to make sure that you receive what you are looking for in my services. I am completely dedicated to my Work 110%.

Do you want to put the energy of the universe into action and pull in your wants, needs & desires?

Are you ready for a change? I hope so.. because with the help of Isabella , Change is what you get.

So don't waste your precious time and don't accept all the negativity and the unsolved problems & questions you have in your life!! Work with me, I can change these negative aspects of your life.. all you have to do is contact Me, Isabella at Psychic Help & Spell Caster. Let today be the first day of your new, exciting and happy life! 



I can't say that I am perfect because I don't sell LIES... But I can say that I have had a whole lot of experience with love and relationships, not by choice, but its whats most sought out by the many people in the world. After all, don't we all want a little lovin' sometimes? I am more than sure we all want someone to call our own! even those guys out there who claim to want no part of a committed relationship still want to "Claim" the women the won't commit to.. after all most men and even some women hate to share!

With that in mind, I have studied a lot, about men, about women and about relationships wether you are in a committed relationship, a " friends with benefits" type of situation or if you've tied the knot or your about to, I have schooled my self on it. I have even researched why some people can't seem to keep one person in there life? 



I am born and raised in good old Los Angeles, California. Though I do have family from all over the US and even some family back in Europe and Asia ....


I am a Psychic Reader, Love spell caster, healer, and advisor.. I am a high priestess white magic witch and spiritual adviser I own Psychic Help and Spell Caster I have over 17 years of experience. Im gifted in helping people in all areas in life.

This is a natural born gift that I have but this is also a business that I take very seriously. My work Comes very highly recommended from all my client's, that is how I have built a successful business, Through my happy and satisfied customers! I hope to be able to guide, advise, help & Heal you with whatever you may be going through! I will do what I must to make sure every client is a satisfied customer.
This is a rule of mine, a way of life!

I am the 9th generation to a family of Psychic readers and Witch craft specialist ( Basically,I know what I am doing! lol)

I have been in the business for quite a while my self and although I do consider my self a Psychic and a spell caster, I prefer to look at my self more as a Spiritual Life & Love Consultant. Dont get me wrong, I love being a witch! I love being able to give my clients a look into the exciting future but to be honest, The words Psychic or Witch are just easy ways of you understanding what I do. Call it " the familiar" if you will. You all know what a Witch is? right... and I am ore than sure many of you reading this, know what a Psychic is... I am also sure that you've probably heard a lot about fake psychic scams trying to take from the people in need to give to them selfs but does anyone really know what is means to be a witch? a true one? or A real Psychic? 

Well, If you don't know what a really psychic is I am here to share more about my self and my perspective on my own abilities and also a bit about my family background as well. 


about us

We are a family business that focuses You most inner desires and creating the future that you want with witchcraft love spells that work, Best Psychic Readings Los Angeles

Hi, My name is Bella. Thanks for taking time out of scrolling thru the many Psychics and Spell Casters that I am more than sure you've seen thru out your search for help to read and look thru my site! I am so Excited to share with you my gifts! 


Well, I read through energy. There is a energy life force in every living breathing thing, and also in you. With in you there is a deeper power than you realize... Something I do is tap into that energy, that power... I also connect with the Guardian Angels to see the future ahead of you!
What sets me aside from other Readers, healers and spell casters is that I don't believe that your future is set in stone. I know, you must be thinking.. "what do you mean by that"? Well what I mean is that yes I am able to predict your future, But I am also well equipped with a strong power to change the future. To make the unknown, known!

So many people just sit with no idea of what is going to happen next and even worse they are afraid. When I see such lost souls like that I cant help but to wonder, why are they so afraid of something that they are able to create, control and change with my help?
Its so hard for some people to understand what that means..
Well let me do some explaining..

Like I mentioned earlier, Energy lives in everyone & everything. My clients never have to be put through a predicament where they cant control that energy. I give you that control, I give you that energy!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up feeling so good and then one little thing creeps up and upsets you, now the right way to handle the situation is to allow your self to just let go of that minor incident and move on to the positive aspects of your day and/or your life. But being human and living in this day and age where we don't use our natural instinct and intuition, we use our minds...


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Best Psychic Readings Los Angeles

My Mission in life & Within my Business as a Witch, Psychic, Spiritualist etc. is to give people a chance at happiness by helping them take full responsibility for everything that has happened, and will happen and of course with a touch of Magic from me!